About us

Iris solutions, An ISO Certified Research and development Company. powerhouse with proven experience and capability to deliver business results to clients. We are pioneered to generate novel concepts through our innovation to deliver unparalleled quality from the year of 2008. Our people solve complex and difficult problems that are critical to the success—and even the survival—of our clients. We use best-in-class components and apply technology at scale and in sophisticated production environments. We provide end to-end business solutions that leverage technologies and solutions for dynamic environment to harmonize business and technology.


Application services

             Conventional outsourcing can decrease your costs, but it can’t increase your performance. So we are using contemporary outsourcing practices, which can outperform your competition, and yourself. The time is right to explore new ways to achieve more values and our approach takes application development and maintenance to the next level.

  • Application Development



  • Web Application Development



  • Portals, content and E-commerce


  • Enterprise Resource Planning


  • IoT Applications


  • Wireless Applications


  • Security and privacy services




Our innovations in application services provides us an in-depth industry experience, so by using this unparallel technical expertise, we created an array of products to address current business problems with appropriate solutions.

Research and Insights:
Our R&D team expresses the state of an industry, the degree of competition and the lure of progress to make radical and incremental changes to our products and services. Our single minded passion always focuses on future-oriented search. We always identify the technology, tools and methodologies which are most appropriate to solve specific customer challenges. We work closely with our clients to develop proofs and models of modules to show us as a model. The R&D team also regularly develops re-usable frameworks and components to solve generic industry problem. Innovation is generally understood as the introduction of a new thing or method . Innovation is the embodiment, combination, or synthesis of knowledge in original, relevant, valued new products, processes, or services. Adding more, innovation begins with creative ideas…We redefine innovation not only for our clients but also for successful implementation of creative ideas within an organization.


Why Iris?

  • Insightful knowledge in Industry and Application


  • An expert Management model


  • Unparalleled quality delivery


  • Our innovation in Application services will reveal the capabilities of your existing resources to peak the growth of your business