1 ISNID01 Career Guidance and Placement System Php
2 ISNID02 Restaurant Management System Dot Net
3 ISNID03 Stationery Maintenance System with Bar Code Dot Net
4 ISNID04 Hospital Management System Dot Net
5 ISNID05 Online Social Networking Dot Net
6 ISNID06 Internet Cafe Management System Dot Net
7 ISNID07  College Library Management System Dot Net
8 ISNID08  Parts of Speech Tagging Python
9 ISNID09  Ticket Reservation System Dot Net
10 ISNID10  College Website Creation Php
11 ISNID11  Grammar Checking System Dot Net
12 ISNID12  College Maintenance System Dot Net
13 ISNID13  Online Shopping Dot Net , Php
14 ISNID14  Online Bank Management System Dot Net
15 ISNID15  Electronic Document Management System Dot Net
16 ISNID16  Online Quiz Dot Net
17 ISNID17  QR-Code / Bar Code Recognition System Dot Net
18 ISNID18  Video Steganography Dot Net,Php
19 ISNID19  Supermarket Billing System Dot Net
20 ISNID20  Universal Smartcard System (RFID) Dot Net
21 ISNID21  Fast Real Time Event Alert using Social Network Dot Net
22 ISNID22  Website Template Extraction Php
23 ISNID23  Web based Book Publishing System Dot Net
24 ISNID24  SMS Transaction Security Dot Net , Php
25 ISNID25  Session Authentication Passwords Using Color Dot Net
26 ISNID26  Customer Complaint System – Predicting the best technician Dot Net
27 ISNID27  OCR-Optical Character Recognition System Dot Net
28 ISNID28  Cryptography on personal confidential information Dot Net
29 ISNID29  Color Recognition System Python
30 ISNID30  2D – Augmented Reality Dot Net