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Software Development Services
     Iris provides a complete outsourcing service for bespoke software development, support and maintenance. Our personnel have experience of delivering large and complex software development projects. We understand the risks and issues inherent in such ventures, and we work closely with our customers to ensure that our projects are always delivered successfully and on time.
      We offer a structured service consisting of any or all of the following...

* Software consultancy services to assist in defining and documenting system requirements and specification.
* Software development services to design, code and test computer software solutions and advice on rollout. Depending on the context, software may either be developed from scratch or built upon existing third party software products.
* A range of support services to diagnose and fix any problems encountered with the delivered software.
* Follow-on services to effect handover of the solution to the customer, including full system documentation, staff education and training, assistance with recruitment of technical staff, etc..,
      We can also offer complementary services to the above, such as web design and hosting, through our tried and trusted partners. Hence we aim to provide a one-stop shop to our customers for all their computer software development requirements.




Project structure



      All Iris projects are customized to meet the particular requirements of the client, which can vary considerably depending upon the nature of the work. We discuss with the client the requirements for each of the above service elements and produce a development plan tailored to their individual needs.
      For end-user organizations in particular we can relieve the burden of custom software development and deployment by assisting with each and every aspect of the rollout, from start to finish.       
      For software houses and service providers, our broad base of technical knowledge allows us to bolster IT departments and development groups within those organizations with our specialist skills and expertise. By deploying a managed and autonomous team we can offload work from (usually beleaguered) in-house technical managers and offer a more dependable and accountable workforce than is ever obtainable by using individual external contractors.







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